Full Window at Startup Patch for Dillo

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Dillo version 0.7.0 has integrated this patch, so it is not needed anymore.


This patch adds the -f command line option to Dillo so it will start in its full window mode. Toggling between normal mode and full window mode at runtime is still available by double-clicking the window, as usual. This patch is handy when used with the Embeddable Dillo patch, where an application will run Dillo in its own widget and where the navigation toolbar is sometimes not needed: for example, when viewing a single file or a HTML email. A combined patch with the embeddable and the local browsing extensions is available at the Dillo & Sylpheed page.



Patch for Dillo v0.7.0pre-v1 is to be fetched from here: dillo-0.7.0-pre-v1-cli-fullwindow.patch. It already contains the command line patch.


Get the patch from here: dillo-cvs-2002-08-13-fullwindow.patch

This patch is to be applied after applying the command line patch.


Get the patch from here: dillo-cvs-2002-08-06-cli-fullwindow.patch

This patch is to be applied after applying the command line patch. In contrast to the older patch below, the URL/FILE must be given after the command line options.


Get the patch from here: dillo-cvs-2002-05-18-fullwindow.patch

From within dillo directory, apply with patch -p0 < dillo-cvs-2002-05-18-fullwindow.patch. Then build dillo as usual. The new option is -f. If relevant, the URL to browse must be given as the first argument.

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